Is this a good way to train for Cross Country?

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Is this a good way to train for Cross Country?

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Ok so I'm 16yr 5'9 190lbs and I'm goning to do cross country and i'm starting to train this summer but at the same time trying to lose weight so i'll be in shape for it too. Thing is I used to weigh 200lbs lost it weighed 150lb then gained it again yes sad I know. Ok first time the weight when down fast 60lbs in 3 months and i didn't starve myself and i was able to run like 3-4miles non stop at the end and now i can do about 2-3 nonstop so im still kind of in shape. Ok so what I'm saying is that is this a good way to rain but at the same time a good way to lose weight... I'm just repeating what I did first time...

Ok... 2,000 calories on days I excercise (4-5days) with 150g of protein low carb diet and 1700-1800calories on days I don't excercise.

When I excercise its... 1mile warm up, stretch, cross country drills (like a skips and stuff), then accelerations (2 :30-60-90s then 2: 60-90-30s), then 5 min water break then 2.0 mi run, then stretch.

Next I hit the resistance bands... 3 sets of 20 (excercies vary but they always target these areas, shoulders, biceps, triceps)

Next I hit the pull up bar 3 sets as long as i can go of wide-grip, short-grip, wide-under grip, short-under grips

Next leg workouts 2 sets of 20 squats, lunges, hamstring pull ups, all fours (back kicks, leg extends, and kick ups)

last 50 sets of crucnhes/situps, obliques, and lower abs

then i stretch done

Also for the 2.0mi every week i increse the distance by 10% so by the end of the summer (10 weeks)i'll be doing 5.2 miles.

Oh and is there a way i can shorten this workout but have it be just as effective...Plz and thank you.


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